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Forearm Tattoos For Men

With so many tattoo choices under the sun, it can be difficult deciding which design to pursue. This picture gallery has some great forearm tattoo ideas for men, including skulls, charms and fish.

This is just a small taste of ideas to get you started off on the right foot when beginning your quest for the perfect forearm tattoo.

Statue of liberty forearm tattoo idea.
Four leaf clover ideas.
Cross with skull faces.
Close up rose.
Koi fish.
Pair of lucky dice.
Graffiti style artwork.

Foot Tattoos For Men

Its often thought that foot tattoos are solely for women (no pun intended), however many men or taking the plunge and getting tattoos on their feet as well.

And while women choose more charming and innocent foot tattoos, men naturally conjure up ideas for more daring foot tattoo designs, like we see in the pictures below.

Tribal design photo.
Heart and dagger picture with love.
Dragon image.
The truth is out there motto.
Funny shoelaces idea.