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Fabulous and Sexy Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Find and get fabulous chinese symbol tattoos and make a decisive statement to the world. These truly are the most versatile of tattoos. They can represent the feminine or the masculine equally well and can empower us with a sense of who we are.

The key to getting a chinese calligraphy tattoo that is unique to you is to bypass all the usual outlets.
  • Don’t chose your design from the flash on the wall of your local tattoo parlor
  • Don’t chose your design from a “freebie’ site on the internet.
There is a real temptation when browsing the art work in a tattoo parlor to see something that catches the eye and make a decision on the spot to get inked with that design. Resist that urge. That art work will have already caught the attention of a hundred other people. You will not have a design that is unique. You will have one the same as everyone else and not one of you can be absolutely sure of what it means.
The free web sites on the internet are just as bad. Once again, that design will not be unique. Even worse, this time it will have been duplicated by thousands – maybe tens of thousands – others tattoo enthusiasts. And to cap it off, the translation will be done by software. It most likely does not even represent what it is supposed to.
If you’re looking for a Chinese symbol tattoo that is truly fabulous, sexy and uniquely yours, you must get an experienced translator to design your tattoo. That way, you know the words mean what they’re are supposed to, you get a choice of calligraphic styles and you get the stencil your tattooist needs to work from.