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Megan Fox Tattoos

Megan Fox Tattoos

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see dianna agron tattoo designs an pictures on their side bodydianna agron tattoos

dianna agron tattoos

“little jamb” dianna agron side body tattoos
Ok, you have finally decided that you want a tattoo, now before you can choose your design it would be best to choose your area first. Sexy tattoo on woman are all about location, location. Some woman prefer going about it the long way by finding what you like first and then sorting out where you are going to put it.

This isn’t a good idea, you will end having something you don’t really like on an area you don’t really like. I have seen loads of [sexy tattoo on woman] and I have seen plenty of not so attractive tattoos all because they rushed into the process. Here are the 5 place I have seen sexy tattoos on woman.
foot tattoo designs for girls

Foot: Some woman have amazing feet and some woman don’t think they do, but what does it hurt just to put a design to your foot and see what it looks like. The design should flow with your foot and not run against the grain as it were.
ankle tattoo designs for girls

Ankle: A majority of guys just don’t know why but ankle tattoos are a very sexy place to have one. Remember though it’s your ankle not your waist so the lines need to be smooth and small, going with the flow of your ankle. Your skin isn’t as thick at your ankle, so make sure the artist you go to knows his bells and whistles.

fantastic lower back tattoo

Lower back: The lower back is a fantastic spot for a tattoo, don’t get something too small. It should fit in with your dimension at least 1/6 the size of your lower back and it shouldn’t be over big or bold, unless that is the look you want. Following your contours is a big must don’t just get a straight forward rectangle sticker on your lower back, I think that is called a tramp. Yours need to be elegant with detail and fineness. This drives guy’s nuts when they see a little glimpse of it. All want to see what the rest of it and don’t forget about the color.

butterfly hip tattoo

Hip: Your hip is a great spot for a tattoo especially in a bikini or just showing a little above low rider jeans. All the guys won’t be able to keep their eye off of you. Just remember to keep with your contours and high light your features.
star navel tatoo

Navel: With the popularity of belly button ring and short shirts to flaunt it. Navel tattoos have become very popular and is an instant focal point when you have one. In this instance less is more, don’t get something to big or out rages. With belly rings and cut off shirts becoming very popular, it is a given that navel tattoos are a sexy technique to accessorize. It’s an instant piece of ‘jewelry’ that’s always on your body and receiving attention.

Those are my five areas I would recommend any sexy tattoos on women, just remember choose your area first then choose your design.

Find and get fabulous chinese symbol tattoos and make a decisive statement to the world. These truly are the most versatile of tattoos. They can represent the feminine or the masculine equally well and can empower us with a sense of who we are.

The key to getting a chinese calligraphy tattoo that is unique to you is to bypass all the usual outlets.
  • Don’t chose your design from the flash on the wall of your local tattoo parlor
  • Don’t chose your design from a “freebie’ site on the internet.
There is a real temptation when browsing the art work in a tattoo parlor to see something that catches the eye and make a decision on the spot to get inked with that design. Resist that urge. That art work will have already caught the attention of a hundred other people. You will not have a design that is unique. You will have one the same as everyone else and not one of you can be absolutely sure of what it means.
The free web sites on the internet are just as bad. Once again, that design will not be unique. Even worse, this time it will have been duplicated by thousands – maybe tens of thousands – others tattoo enthusiasts. And to cap it off, the translation will be done by software. It most likely does not even represent what it is supposed to.
If you’re looking for a Chinese symbol tattoo that is truly fabulous, sexy and uniquely yours, you must get an experienced translator to design your tattoo. That way, you know the words mean what they’re are supposed to, you get a choice of calligraphic styles and you get the stencil your tattooist needs to work from.